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    Baby Changing Stations

    New parents are busy. Every parent of an infant or toddler appreciates baby changing stations. These are found in most public restroom spaces. Shopping centers, government businesses, restaurants, gyms, and most public spaces have a place to care for infant’s needs. All have changing tables installed in women’s restroom areas. In recent years, men’s restroom areas are taking signal from the lady’s restroom. Not all parents are female. Dads change babies diapers too. In fact, many local and federal governments deem it mandatory for public spaces to have a safe diaper changing area for parents, male or female.

    Babies wiggle, squirrel and crawl while changing their clothes or diapers. In fact, it can be an excellent upper body workout. Parents need to go places with these little wiggle monsters. Both moms and dads are bound to need to change the baby at some point while out and about with their little ones. Hygiene is important when diaper changing. No one wants to lay an infant or toddler on the disgusting floor or germy counter to clean up.

    Public restroom changing tables like Koala baby changing stations must adhere to certain safety standards established by the government. These specifications are designed with parent and baby safety in mind. There is also the consideration of restroom size and arrangement. Changing stations are designed to solve many problems involved in changing an infant’s diaper.

    The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) sets the safety and cleanliness standards for infant changing spaces. Manufacturers in compliance with government agencies produce safe changing tables for babies.

    • Polythene plastic is very dense and sturdy. It must also be odor resistant and moisture-proof for easy cleaning and disinfection.
    • Each station must be equipped with a safe, snap-lock buckling system to keep the child secure. The safety straps are also designed to be moisture-proof and easy to clean and disinfect.
    • Some public restrooms include a mobile changing station. These too must adhere to quality and safety standards. These styles must include an easy to set and secure the braking system.
    • Mobile styles of changing station support systems include high quality reinforced steel for added support and safety.
    • Instructions on the stationary or mobile units must be easily seen by anyone using it. On the inside, outside or anywhere easily seen by the parents.

    Take note parents and parents to be, having a child does not mean you have to stay home and avoid public places with your bundle of joy. Baby changing tables are everywhere, They are safe, convenient and ready to keep baby safe. Go out to dinner, play dates or just anywhere there is a public restroom. Quality changing stations are a parent’s best friend just when they need it most.

    Life does not stop after having a child. It just gets better. Family outings are possible where ever you want to go. Have fun and enjoy family outings.

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