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    Bobrick Soap Dispensers

    Commercial soap dispensers are a must for proper hygiene in restaurants, schools, food preparation areas, health care facilities and other public-use spaces. Dispensers must be easy to operate, convenient to refill and contribute to the aesthetic appearance of the bathroom. Bobrick soap dispensers meet these design requirements as well as address environmental concerns. Many models are made from recyclable materials, qualifying the dispensers for LEED points. Bobrick offers several designs and sizes of dispensers with features that create a clean, attractive and uniform appearance in a bathroom.


    Customers can select from features that take into account frequency of use, ease of use and aesthetics, including size, type of mounting, material composition and type of soap dispensed. The automatic, sensor-operated models are easier to use, offer better hygiene and save money by dispensing standardized amounts.

    Sizes range from compact, counter-mounted dispensers to large-volume, wall-mounted dispensers. Counter-mounted dispensers come in both automatic and hand-operated configurations. They can be refilled from the top, bottom or both ways. The visible elements of the dispensers have attractive, bright finishes. Dispensing spouts and top covers are made from corrosion-resistant 304 stainless steel. Escutcheons are made from chrome-plated ABS plastic, an impact-resistant material that protects the unit from vandalism. The soap containers are made from high-grade polyethylene, a shatter-resistant material. Counter-mounted models are configured for either foam or liquid soaps.

    Wall-mounted models come in several sizes, styles and materials. Larger dispensers are convenient for high-volume use. Stainless steel is corrosion-resistant, durable and attractive. Other materials include translucent ABS plastic soap dispensers available in colors of white, black, grey and two-toned grey and black. Push-button models can be operated with one hand and comply with guidelines for barrier-free accessibility.

    Recessed models give a sleek beauty to the bathroom. The two styles available coordinate with other bathroom accessories to give a cohesive look to the space. Both are constructed of heavy-gauge, corrosion-resistant stainless steel and have locking mechanisms to thwart theft.

    Companion soap dispensing systems also vary in size and configuration, from single cartridges to systems that can supply soap to several dispensers at once. The system holds 12 liters of soap, adequate for approximately 13,000 hand washings. A backup reservoir holds an additional 2 liters, enough for approximately 2,000 washes.


    The attractive materials, designs and other features of Bobrick soap dispensers complement any commercial bathroom. Stainless steel gives a clean, hygienic look to the space. The ABS plastic models are translucent, sleek designs that give an uncluttered, classic look to a washroom. Counter-mounted models positioned next to faucets reduce drips and spills, creating a hygienic, attractive space. In addition, they work well in high-volume areas, adding convenience to spaces with multiple sinks.

    For a more upscale look, the Bobrick designer series features high-grade, metallic materials, including brushed and polished nickel, polished brass, polished chrome and matte black. This series pairs touch-free faucets with counter-mounted automatic soap dispensers for an elegant look. The rate of flow qualifies these units for LEED points.

    Environmentally Friendly

    There are several features that make these dispensers environmentally friendly. Foam dispensers packed in cartridges eliminate approximately 57% of waste. In addition, foam rinses more easily than liquid soap, reducing water usage for rinsing by 15%.

    Several models are made from recycled materials, qualifying them for LEED points. In addition, stainless steel and other metals are recyclable, reducing post-consumer waste. Bobrick’s counter-mounted dispensers can be paired with dispensing cartridges designed to use all the soap in the cartridge, eliminating soap waste. Bobrick ships directly from the shop to the customer, which reduces carbon emissions from complex distributions systems.

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