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    Bobrick Hand Dryers



    There is an important method behind the design of public restrooms in the U.S. These are restrooms that are found in office buildings, shopping malls, hospitals, and restaurants. They are essentially all around us and utilized on a daily basis.

    The design, supplies, and appliances, such as hand dryer systems in these facilities are a part of their usefulness, no matter where they are located. According to the Bradley Survey conducted in 2019, 60% of Americans said that they use public restrooms one to five times per week. Bobrick is a top name as it relates to restroom industry products that are necessary to design restrooms in public spaces.

    Products, such as the ADA Recessed Hand Dryer are visually appealing in these restroom spaces. They also provide people with a convenient and effective way to dry their hands. It doesn’t matter whether you are designing a restroom to harmonize with branding colors or interior decor. Finding important products and appliances that meet your design needs is not difficult to do.

    Well-Equipped Designs

    Depending on the amount of space in a public restroom, there may be a limited number of stalls, sinks, and other features. Business owners have to ensure that these facilities are well-equipped with everything that users require for space. The American Restroom Association advocates for the design of these facilities so that they are clean and safe. Bobrick offers customers touchless products like the InstaDryTM Surface-Mounted and the QuietDryTM Series dryer options, which the association recommends.

    Appeal to Different Users

    The design of public restrooms usually has to do with where they are situated. In the average business setting, it is easy to understand who is will use the facilities most often. Restaurants and shopping malls are locations where there may be many diverse users found. Parents, for example, are likely to use public facilities for themselves and their children. This group accounted for 76% of the people surveyed, who look for clean sinks and convenient hand dryer products in these restrooms.

    Utilize Appealing Decor

    Bobrick is a resource for getting your hand dryer needs to be met. This is also a place to find accessories for public restroom designs. Utilizing decor that is appealing is a big part of the design process for those with contemporary objectives. Stainless steel dryers and other features in these spaces fit in well with color schemes. Most business owners want to find the most durable products for their operations. They see these design costs as investments that will have long-term utility.

    There are suppliers and manufacturers that offer products that are made specifically for public restrooms. Business, store, and shop owners look for hand dryer products and other features that are durable. This means purchasing products like those from Bobrick that are well-designed and meet the needs of people using these facilities. It is important to encourage hygiene processes and to make them easy to access, despite the style of a restroom or its design.

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