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    Bobrick Paper Towel Dispensers

    Bobrick, a Los Angeles company that produces premium restroom facilities including top quality paper towel dispensers, is not slowing down during the current COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, the company is recognized by the Federal Government as an essential supplier of health related products, and the company has actually added a second shift so that essential items like paper towel dispensers can still be manufactured without compromising employee safety.

    Bobrick supplies, particularly their paper towel machines have been considered a public health asset since Bobrick’s inception over 100 years ago, and new businesses and old continue to order Bobrick Paper Towel Distributors.

    Bobrick for paper towels

    People vastly underestimate the amount of paper towels used in a single restroom per day, and that’s why people dispensers such as Bobrick’s recessed paper dispenser (model number B318.)

    A night janitor can load up to 800 paper towels into the sleek, satin-finish recessed B318. This model can be hidden behind a wall or mirror, so that only the dispenser itself shows up. As far as your employees are concerned, they never even have to think about paper towels. When they want one, the B318 delivers.

    Two different types of Bobrick paper towel machines

    Bobrick actually produces 20 different models of towel dispensers, so whether your employees work in a small office or whether they work in an 80-story office building with restrooms used by hundreds of employees daily, there are both small as well as large paper towel systems which adapt to your situation as well as to your decor.

    In addition to sizing and decor, Bobrick actually produces the two most popular paper towel dispenser types, either individual paper towels dispensed one at a time, or paper towels in a roll. With the later, a large roll of paper towels is distributed by punching a button, or automatically, and then the paper towel is neatly torn off with a plastic, serrated cutter.

    One of the Bobrick’s best sellers, the model B-359, is a recessed paper towel that is used by thousands of restrooms. The sight of a model B-359 will look instantly familiar to people everywhere who have been using Bobrick Paper Towel Dispensers for years.

    This familiar recessed model holds 475 folded paper towels and swings down for quick loading.

    In contrast the Bobrick Trimline Series, Model B-526 is used in many high-end hotels and places where style as well as utilitarian function is valued.

    The Model B-526 Bobrick Model B-526 is a slim, almost hidden paper towel dispenser that will use only minimal space.

    Yet the 300-paper towel dispenser holds enough to be utilitarian. On the other hand, if being utilitarian is your sold concern, the B-253 surface mounted roll towel dispenser is about as simple as they come.

    All you need do is mount it and load it up with a roll of paper towels. Model B-253

    Bobrick has been producing restroom supplies including paper towel dispensers since 1906.

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