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    Paper Towel Dispensers

    A paper dispenser is one of the most important components of a hygienic public restroom. Good dispensers keep the paper towel roll neat and dry. Users can dry their hands with ease. Products like Bobrick paper towel dispensers are designed to be hygienic and easy to use while discouraging waste.


    Using towel dispensers in public restrooms offers many advantages. It is not enough to wash one’s hands after leaving the toilet or before meals. One needs to dry one’s hands and wipe off bacteria. Paper towels are disposable while other towels are reusable. Reusable towels trap bacteria and viruses. Paper towel dispensers dispense a length of paper towel to dry hands effectively. Biodegradable paper towels in paper dispensers will not only eliminate paper wastage but will not pollute the environment.

    Paper dispensers versus Air-dryers

    Air dryers are environmentally friendly and cost-effective compared to paper towels. Using air-dryers is not as hygienic as using paper towels Paper towels dry hands completely and remove all bacteria efficiently compared to air dryers. Paper towels from a dispenser cause less wastage. When a person dries hands using an air-dryer, they cannot be sure of completely drying their hands unlike drying their hands with a paper towel. Wet hands spread bacteria and viruses more than dry hands and paper towels dry hands more effectively than air-dryers.


    There are three types of dispensers used in public restrooms. The most common type is the pull-type dispenser. The second type of dispenser dispenses paper towels when a mechanical lever placed on the dispenser is pulled. The third and more advanced dispenser is the motion sensor automatic towel dispenser. This type of dispenser is an infrared dispenser that dispenses a length of paper when it senses the motion of the hand.

    Automatic Infrared Dispenser

    Automatic infrared paper dispensers allow users to tear a specific length of paper without touching the exterior of the dispenser. The infrared motion sensor enables the dispenser to dispense paper by the motion of the hand. The hand touches only the paper towel and the level of sanitation using this type of dispenser is higher than others. Bacteria is not transferred from the hand of the user to the dispenser or from the dispenser to the hand.

    Lever Type Dispenser

    Lever-type dispensers dispense a predetermined length of paper per press or pull of the lever. The length of the paper is usually 8 to9 inches. 800 feet long paper towel rolls are fed into the dispenser. Paper towels are dispensed by the action of the lever till the roll is depleted. Some dispensers allow the owner to adjust the length of the paper towel by providing an economy pin. These pins limit the stroke of the lever and the length of the paper. The door of some dispensers can be locked so that unauthorized persons cannot open the unit or remove the paper towel roll.

    Pull Type Dispenser

    This dispenser is the most common among towel dispensers. Users can pull a predetermined length of paper without touching the dispenser. This is also a hygienic dispenser because users don’t have to touch the dispenser. Once the user pulls one paper towel, the other comes out automatically. A variation of the pull-type dispenser is the center pull towel dispenser.

    Paper dispensers are a hygienic component of public restrooms. They keep paper towels, dry, neat and, contamination-free. They can be easily installed or replaced. They regulate the amount of paper used and reduce waste. They are a cost-effective and convenient method of keeping a public restroom safe and healthy for users.

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