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    B-3706T – ClassicSeries, Recessed or Semi-Recessed, Napkin/Tampon Vendor, Token Operation

    ClassicSeries, Recessed or Semi-Recessed, Napkin/Tampon Vendor, Token Operation


    SKU B-3706T
    Product Dimensions N/A


    13-7/8_ W x 27-7/8_ H. Adjustable beveled flange for fully-recessed installation in 6_ deep walls or semi-recessed installation in 4_ 6_ deep walls, satin-finish stainless steel. Push-Button Operation, Less Than 5 Lb of Force, No Grasping, Pinching or Twisting of the Wrist. Easy access Product tray. Single-coin slots are key to jam-resistant operation. Accepts Bobrick Token, part no. #3706-405 or one quarter (U.S. or Canadian). Push-button coin return cancels Product.jpg selection. Returned coins or wrong coins (1, 5,10) by-pass mechanism and drop into Product tray. Empty Product indicator automatically blocks coin slot. Easy Product loading, no weights. Holds 30 tampons, 20 napkins. Two tumbler door locks keyed like other Bobrick accessories. Separately-keyed coin box lock for management access. Easy Token to 25, 50 or Free field coin conversion. type 304 satin-finish stainless steel on exposed surfaces. Patented.

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