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    Why Don’t Paper Towel Dispensers Give Enough Paper?


    Everybody who uses the bathroom needs to wash their hands. This is the day and age where people don’t want to spread germs, and since hand dryers are known for being less sanitary what better way than to dry your hands off with paper towels? But whenever you go use the restroom, particularly in a public place, you find that whenever you need to dry your hands after washing there is just not enough paper that comes out of the paper towel dispenser. No matter how frantically you wave your hands in front of the motion sensor, it dispenses towels at a seemingly glacial pace. Why is this?

    There could be any number of reasons why automatic paper towel dispensers do not give enough paper. Some of the reasons may be logical and some may be a little illogical, but this is little comfort when you are in a rush to dry your hands and get back to your life. I know that when I dry my hands off after washing at a restaurant, I just wave my hand in front of the automatic dispenser of the paper towels and a small fraction of what I need appears. What happens next is that I have to continually wave my hand in front of the motion sensor and try to get more paper towel to come out. Now this happens to be an inconvenient thing when you’re trying to get back into the restaurant with your family and finish your meal but it seems and this is a part of daily life.

    It appears that the electronic motor inside the dispenser does not want to give more than a smidge of a paper towel at a time. This is an inconvenience for all of us that need extra paper towels to dry your hands. Is the electric motor to blame? It very well may be, therefore, we have to blame the manufacturer of the motor. But is there an underlying issue with that?

    In the environmentalist view, there is way too much paper usage out there. According to the environmentalists this is just a bunch of waste. It is estimated by waste managers that paper towels account for almost 40% of waste by volume from either an office building or dormitory. This is an understandable number since those in office buildings and dormitories don’t have a lot of time to wash towels every day that they use to dry their hands. It is way more convenient just to dry your hands using paper towels.

    It is also the environmentalist position that the more paper towels you use equals more trees that need to be cut down to make more paper towels. This could be a reasonable argument, since you need trees to make paper towels. And, the more paper towels you use does equal the amount of trees that you need to make more. So, where does the blame really lie?

    It seems that the blame should be shared equally between the manufacturers of the paper towels and environmental groups . The environmentalists raise a lot of concerns about how many paper towels are being used from dispensers, therefore depleting the number of trees. Therefore, products like Bobrick paper towel dispensers are designed to cut the difference between customer convenience and resource conservation.

    Still waiting for that next paper towel? I guess we will all have to just wave our hands a little bit longer in the bathroom in front of the dispenser.

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