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    How Much is a Commercial Soap Dispenser?


    Soap! We all need it and use it. So many varieties to choose from. Hard soap, soft soap, scented and unscented. Glycerin based or goat’s milk. How about a moisturizing antibacterial? From soap dishes to soap dispensers, you have such a wide variety of options in front of you. In this article we will be covering a wide variety of various soap dispensers. Commercial soap dispensers that is. Yes you read right; the kind of dispensers that you see in public facilities. There are a wide variety of designs, sizes and price ranges. Continue reading to get the dish on the commercial soap dishes.

    First off, who even buys commercial soap dispensers? Who’s even interested in them? Well, a lot of people. Just think about it. Anyone from a small business owner to a franchise owner to a large company to a small or a large corporation.

    What Kind of Buildings Need Soap Dispensers?

    Small Business Owners

    Gas Stations


    Hair Salons/Barbershops

    Independent Resturants/Bars

    Plus more…


    Large Gastations

    Convenience Stores

    Grocery Stores

    Large Chain Restaurants (McDonald’s, Wendy’s, etc.)

    And some…

    Large Companies



    Office Buildings

    Grocery Stores

    And others…

    Various Corporate/Government/State Facilities

    Corporate Headquarters

    Military Bases

    Fire Departments

    Police Stations

    Public Parks

    Etc etc…

    So now that we covered the fact that commercial soap dispensers are for just about anyone and any kind of business we can move on the several various types.

    Wall Mounted Soap Dispensers


    20 oz Push-Up Soap Dispenser – Wall Mount

    This one is mostly white plastic and looks like an upside down teardrop; and it has a little “push-up” button used to dispense the soap. These are the pretty much the most basic and the most in-expensive. Used primarily in restrooms.


    Update SD-32 32 oz Push-Button Soap Dispenser – Wall Mount

    This model has a larger capacity and is a sleek black color. It has a large push button and is excellent for any commercial use.


    Winco SD-100 Soap Dispenser, 1 Liter Capacity – Wall Mount

    Hold a decent amount of soap so refilling is less frequent. Has a grey color and a window to veiw soap level.


    Krowne H-116 30 oz Soap Dispenser – Wall Mount

    This model is bigger and square shaped. It is a translucent blue color and is ideal for restrooms and restaurant kitchens.


    San Jamar S30TBK Classic Soap Dispenser – Wall Mount

    This unit has a 30-oz capacity and dispenses 0.8 mL soap per portion. It is a translucent black color with a square shape.


    San Jamar SF900TBK 900 mL – Wall Mount (Foam Soap Dispenser)

    This model dispenses foam soap. Made of impact-resistant plastic it is highly durable. The color is pesrlescent black.


    Alpine Industries 423-SSB 40 oz – Wall Mount

    This model is stainless steel; which makes it rust proof. It also has a lock and key to prevent theft. It has a clear circular window for viewing soap level.


    Bobrick B-2111 Classic Series – Wall Mount

    This model is also stainless steel and it also has a lock and key. Has a 40-oz capacity and it top filled only.


    Advance Tabco 7-PS-12 Soap Dispenser – Wall Mount

    This model is super high end with a sleek and stylish finish. Perfect for a lounge or headquarters. It has a 600mL capacity and is of a translucent black color. 

    Deck Mounted Dispensers


    Krowne H-101 Soap Dispenser – Deck Mounted

    This design has a 13-oz capacity and a stainless steel pump. Requires a 1 1/8in opening. Perfect for restaurant restrooms.


    Rubbermaid FG401544 Liquid Soap Dispenser – Deck Mounted

    This model is rounded, and polished chrome. It is perfect for restaurant and corporate bathrooms.


    Bobrick B82216 Counter Mounted Soap Dispenser

    This one has a 6 inch spout and is made of shatter-resistant polyurethane. For counters up to 1″ thick.

    So as you can see there are a wide variety of models to choose from. From wall mounted to deck mounted; from chrome to stainless steel; from liquid soap to foam dispensers, the choices are many. 

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