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    How to Refill a Commercial Soap Dispenser


    Commercial soap dispensers are just about anywhere you would go where there is a public restroom. You find them in retail stores, hotel lobbies, grocery stores, churches, etc. all with varying levels of quality. These commercial soap dispensers work by having a person pressing a level which in turn puts pressure on a seal. That seal opens just big enough to allow just a little bit of the liquid soap to come out of the dispenser and onto your hands. The contraption is fairly straightforward, but when you go to change out or refill the soap, most people find themselves getting stumped; it can be pretty confusing to figure out if you have never done it before. Once you learn how to refill it and the tricks that make it easy, it will only take about two minutes or less to do the job and refill the soap which is held in a pliable plastic bag that has a rubber tube at the end of it. 

    Step 1: Open the Dispenser

    The first thing you will need to do is open the dispenser up. You can do this by looking under the dispenser and peering behind the push bar. Behind that bar is a small lever or another bar located near the bottom of the dispenser. Once you locate this dispenser, push it and gently pull the dispenser itself toward you. The top should come away from the wall and hang. 

    Step 2: Remove the Empty Soap Bag

    Once you open up the dispenser, you will see an empty plastic bag that has a rubber tube at the bottom of it. This is a common feature that you will see on a Bobrick soap dispenser. That tube has a nozzle that, when properly positioned, slides into a plastic frame. It is important to notice how this nozzle is inserted so that you can insert it again the same way.

    Once you locate the nozzle on the empty bag, slide it out of the insert and pick up the bag. The empty bag can immediately be thrown away!

    Grab the new bag of liquid soap and set it down right on the platform where the old one was located.

    Step 3: Put the New Bag In

    Once you set the new bag of liquid soap on the platform, you will locate its plastic nozzle at the bottom. You will slide that nozzle back into the plastic slot where the other one was. It is important to push it all the way back firmly so that you know it is absolutely secure. 

    Once you have it inserted, take a look at the bag. Make sure that it is put on the platform evenly and that none of its edges are sticking out of the sides of the dispenser. Once you confirm that it is evenly placed and that all of the edges are inside of the dispenser, you can then close the dispenser back up. Do this by swinging that front side back to its starting position and pressing it firmly until you hear it click into place. 

    Step 4: Test It Out!

    Once you have the front of the dispenser put back in its place, press the press bar twice and make sure that soap comes out. If nothing happens, then you will need to reopen the dispenser and try setting the nozzle over again as it may not have been placed properly. 

    Once it does work properly, grab a damp paper towel and wipe up the outside of the soap dispenser so that any small soap spills are removed and the outside of the dispenser looks and feels sparkly clean. 

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