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    Who Should Have Bathroom Grab Bars?


    You would think the bathroom in the house would be the safest place on earth, but it’s not, it could be a very dangerous place for vulnerable people. 

    Bathrooms are tricky places for a lot of people, and not just for the elderly. Bathroom grab bars help people get around the bathroom without needing to fear all the wet, slippery surfaces. Statistics show that three million people have injuries resulting from bathroom falls each year. Regrettably, most of these accidents could have been prevented simply by having safety features like Bobrick grab bars installed. So who should have grab bars installed in their bathrooms? The following is a list of the types of people who need to have a shower or bath bar installed in their bathroom. Keep in mind that although this is a list of people who usually need these bars installed in the bathroom, it is also generalized as there can also be other types of people needing this type of bathroom accessory.

    Older People 

    Statistics from the CDC show that seniors are at high risk of falling. Millions of elderly people fall and are treated for serious injuries. Holding bars make bathroom areas safer and prevent this from happening. 

    People with Serious Health Conditions

    Many people who have serious health conditions such as vision impairment, diabetes, obesity, heart conditions, etc have a deep fear of falling in the bathroom. So much so, that they refuse to take a shower or a bath. They become reluctant to bathe and this causes further health issues. Poor hygiene creates infections and can cause other health issues. The truth is that grab bars in your shower give people with health issues more confidence to bathe daily. 


    According to the Center for Disease Control, more than 230,000 injuries are caused in the bathroom and injuries occur more frequently to women than men. Injuries can happen for many reasons including, pregnancy or low bone density. Injury rates tend to increase as women age. 

    According to the CDC, injuries could be reduced by adding a few simple things to the bathroom, which include non-slip bathroom strips and bathroom grab bars outside the shower or tub. 


    People who have physical disabilities also need a grab bar. Even though the physical impairment may be minor or be related to a child Any person, young or old who has any type of impairment needs to take special care when moving around in the bathroom. For this reason, bars should be equipped in bathrooms where any person who is physically impaired lives. 

    How Should Shower Bars be Installed?

    Most experts will say that two bars are needed. These should go on the back wall about 8 inches above the bathtub rim and about 24 inches from each other. In the shower, bars need to go on the sidewall, back wall or near a shower seat. 

    They Come in Many Styles

    Bathroom bars are available in many different lengths which range from 9 to 42 inches. These bars can even blend in with the decor and look like other bathroom fixtures. 

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