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    How Automatic Toilet Paper Dispensers Work


    Toilet paper is one of life’s greatest necessities in the modern world. In the past, people would use discarded newspapers to do the same job that we used toilet paper for today. And there continue to be innovations in the toilet paper industry even if you are unaware of them. One of the most recent inventions is automatic toilet paper dispensers. These allow individuals to get toilet paper without needing to touch the machine. While common manual options like Bobrick’s B-2888 and have served facilities well for decades, manufacturers are also creating automatic options and have a variety of different types available for purchase. The two most common forms are the button activated and the sensor activated. The button-activated model allows you to press a button to have the toilet paper folded and cut for you. The sensor-activated bottle does the same without the need to press a physical button.

    How Do These Machines Work?

    The most common manual multi-roll toilet paper dispenser is Bobrick’s B-2888. You are probably wondering exactly how these machines work. Well, that is a fairly straightforward question to answer. There are a number of different models so the exact instructions will vary depending on which company has made your toilet paper holder. However, most of them will share a similar general process. The very first thing that you will do is grab onto the top of the holder and open it up so that you can see the interior where the toilet paper will go. You will then want to make sure that you have the toilet paper you are going to load into the machine readily available so that way you can go ahead and load it. Once you have made sure that you have the appropriate amount of toilet paper then you can go ahead and place the very first roll into the container. On top of this role, you will also put any additional roles that you would like. Look at the instructions for your particular model to determine exactly how this needs to be done. Most of them will have a specific orientation that the toilet paper needs to be in for the machine to work properly. If you do not load the toilet paper properly then it is possible that the roles will get stuck whenever one of them is finished and it is time for the next one to drop down from the top. If this happens do not worry. This does not mean that the machine is broken it simply means that you need to take the toilet paper rolls out, review the instructions, and then reload them properly.

    Advantages For Customers And Users

    At the end of the day, one of the easiest places to spread a pathogen of any kind is in a public restroom. This is because not only is there the obvious problem of bodily fluids, which can leave behind pathogenic substances on surfaces, but many individuals will touch the very same surface once they are done using the restroom. This includes toilet paper dispensers. If you are stuck using a generic conventional toilet paper holder then you will by necessity need to handle it yourself. Obviously, this will put you at a disadvantage if you are attempting to limit the spread of a pathogen or disease. Another huge benefit is specifically for the user that is struggling with a physical disability. In many instances, there are people who simply are unable to use a typical toilet paper holder because of some kind of physical disability. An automatic toilet paper holder will allow them to retain some of their lost independence. Check out the wide variety of Bobrick toilet paper dispensers to find the solution that fits your need best.

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