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    Baby Changing Station FAQs


    Having a baby comes with a lot of joy, but it also comes with a lot of responsibility. One of the biggest responsibilities is making sure your little one is clean, and always wearing a fresh diaper. To that end, many states have made it mandatory for a baby changing station to be installed in all restrooms open to the public. The changing station is pretty easy to use, being basically a shelf to do all necessary work on, but what about the important information that isn’t readily available to you? Keep reading for a more in depth look at how to use baby changing stations.

    How Much Weight Can Baby Changing Stations Hold?

    The weight threshold does vary manufacturer to manufacturer, but generally well-known products like the Koala baby changing station can hold up to a whopping 200 pounds. Now that’s a big baby! This extra margin of safety should offer a stable platform for your baby and diaper bag. It should also help prevent the station from being damaged if it is improperly handled. However, keep in mind that this weight limit has been tested on baby changing stations that have been properly applied to a permanent wall. The wall also must be able to accommodate the full weight that has been tested, as well as the hardware used to attach the changing station to the wall. If a changing station seems unstable, damaged or improperly installed in any way you should avoid using it and notify the building’s manager as quickly as possible.

    Till What Age Can a Baby Safely Be on a Changing Station?

    Even though the weight limit leaves lots of margin, it is recommended that you stop using changing stations, even stand alone ones in your home, when the baby has either reached 2 years of age or 30 pounds. At that age, the child becomes more difficult to wrangle and likes to grab things around them, like the supplies you need to help with the changing. You wouldn’t want them climbing their way off of a raised platform.

    What Should Dads Do When There is No Changing Station in the Men’s Room?

    Having changing tables for your baby that are available in the women’s room but not men’s rooms creates an awkward situation for moms and dads alike. Thankfully, most facilities you come across will have changing stations in both rooms. But sometimes corners are cut in the building process or facilities are outdated. So in the event that you come across one that doesn’t, what can you do?

    To be ready for the situation, have a backup plan for changing your baby in the car or van. This means you’ll have to keep the right materials in your diaper bag or trunk, like a blanket to lay your baby on. Afterwards, you should let the building’s management know that their lack of a changing station in the men’s room caused a difficult situation for you as a dad and that they should consider installing one to improve their customer experience.

    Are Changing Stations Required by Law?

    Public or federal buildings are required to have baby changing stations in the restrooms. However, in all businesses that are not federal, while the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) recommend that these stations be available, it is up to the state to pass any legislation. The ADA has recommendations for how it ought to be mounted and even how high it should be from the floor. However, even when legislation is passed, many businesses may remain unaware or unresponsive to it. 

    With a little practice, you can change your baby’s diaper with ease. We hope this list was able to give you some help!

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