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    How to Use a Koala Baby Changing Station


    The Koala Kare brand is the world’s most recognized name in baby changing stations. For over 25 years, Koala has striven to provide the best and most innovative childcare products. 

    Parents around the world are all too familiar with the potential challenges they may face taking their baby out in public. Most babies don’t take into consideration where and when they answer the call of nature. We put them in diapers and hope for the best. Sometimes, however, parents might not be in the most opportune places when disaster strikes. What a relief it is to find a changing station when you’re out getting groceries, going out for dinner, attending a sporting event, or other types of public gatherings.

    If it’s your first time being a parent, just remember K.O.A.L.A. when preparing to use the baby changing station.

    Know the Features

    It’s important to know the features of the changing station. Koala baby changing stations are supported by a heavy-duty steel chassis to support the weight of up to 200 pounds. Most models come with an internal gas shock to help with easy opening and closing of the tray. On the rounded corners of the tray are cut out notches you can use to hang bangs for easy access to your changing accessories. On the wall panel, there are also slots for disposable bed liners. Each changing station is also coated with Microban antimicrobial protection to help keep surfaces sanitized in between uses. 

    Organize your Accessories

    In preparation for using the changing station, be sure to mentally go through a list of materials you will need to change your baby’s diaper. You’ll more than likely need a fresh diaper, wipes, diaper cream or powder, and possibly a new change of clothes. Be sure to have all those items ready and within reach either in available open spaces on the table or by using the hanging slots for your diaper bag. You’ll want to make sure all your items are prepped and ready to go once you get your baby on the table.

    Always Check Safety

    Before placing your baby on the table, be sure to check there are no visible signs of damage to the table. Lower the table and put some pressure to ensure that it is firmly secured in its position. Perform a quick visual scan to make sure the surface area is cleaned from prior uses. Also, make sure to use the adjustable safety strap is usable and at the correct length for when you have your baby on the table. 

    Lower your Baby onto Table

    Once you have all the items you’ll need to change a diaper and you’ve checked to make sure everything is in proper working order, it’s time to carefully place your baby down onto the table. Depending on the positioning of the changing station and your personal preference, you can lie your baby down facing whichever direction you’d prefer. Be sure to strap baby down with enough space to allow for some movement, but still in a secured position. 

    Assess and Address the Situation

    The final (and sometimes the most dangerous) step is to assess and address the situation. Hopefully, it’s just a wet diaper. But as a KOALA prepared parent, you should be ready to tackle any messy situation your baby may throw your way. 

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