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    How to Open A Toilet Paper Dispenser


    If you have ever been in a public restroom then you have probably noticed that a some of the toilet paper dispensers are not like the typical dispenser that you would find in a home setting. They are typically a lot larger than the ones that you find in your home and they are able to hold anywhere between two and four rolls of toilet paper at one time so that there is plenty for people going in and out all day and does not require staff to come in and out all day every day just to refill the toilet paper. However, the problem with a commercial toilet paper dispenser is that it can be quite confusing and somewhat of a hassle to open so that you can put in a new roll. Below is a step by step guide to how you can open the dispenser and change out the rolls in no time. You can also get more information by visiting this website that sells commercial toilet partitions.

    Step 1: look on top of the dispenser for a key latch

    Most dispensers have a keyhole on them. If it is a plastic dispenser, the key slot is more than likely found on the very top and if it is a metal dispenser than it is probably located either on the top or in the middle of the dispenser.
    The plastic dispensers have a plastic key that you will press into the hole which releases the latch so it opens up. If it is a metal dispenser, there will be a more traditional key that you can use to open up the dispenser.

    Step 2: open up the dispenser

    In the average Bobrick toilet paper dispenser, once you get the key and press down, it will release a hatch that will allow the front of the dispenser to hinge down towards you. During this step, it is important to make sure that you hold onto the face of the dispenser as it comes to you or it can fall open too fast. Opening it too fast could also cause the toilet paper to fall right out.

    Step 3: change out the toilet paper roll

    Once you have opened up the dispenser, you can reach in and throw away the empty roll and replace it with one or two full rolls. Make sure that the start of the roll is facing down so that the person using it next is able to reach in there and grab it easily. Once the rolls are out in place, you will then grab the face of the dispenser that you previously let down, and push it back up. Make sure you push it up firmly until you hear a click. You will then hold it closed with one hand and use the other hand to insert the key again and lock it back. You will know that it is locked if you hear it click again.

    Step 4: What to do if there is no place to insert the key

    There may not always be a key or a place to put the key which can present a problem if you do not know how else to open it. If this is the case, what you will do is place your hand on the bottom of the toilet paper dispenser. Once you do this, you will search for a little latch that is underneath there, similar to those that you would find on the bottom of the dispenser. Once you locate the latch, gently pull it toward you and the face of the dispenser will come to you, and you will repeat every other step as normal.

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